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2013-01-26 Hector MartinMoved to GitHub master
2012-06-08 Hector MartinAdd kinect "shadows" demo (from Codebits V)
2012-04-13 Hector Martinplayilda: have more frame buffers, use nanosecond-preci...
2012-04-13 Hector MartinAdd missing FindSwscale.cmake
2012-04-12 Hector MartinAdd LASE demo source code
2012-04-12 Hector Martinsimulator: zoom in instead of out when aspect ratio...
2012-04-12 Hector Martinsvg2ild: use separate switch_on and switch_off dwell
2012-04-12 Hector Martinoutput: add 3:2 aspect ratio
2012-04-12 Hector Martinqplayvid: x11grab, use libswscale, multichannel audio...
2011-11-15 Drew FisherUse FFmpeg include path for things that use FFmpeg.
2011-11-12 Hector MartinPython bindings for the edge tracer
2011-11-12 Hector MartinLibav fixes
2011-10-07 Hector MartinAdd rectangle test tool/example
2011-10-07 Hector MartinAdd simple oscilloscope example
2011-10-07 Hector MartinMinor tweaks and improvements to various utilities
2011-10-07 Hector MartinUpdates for ffmpeg/libav support
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