descriptionPS3 Linux bootloader
ownerHector Martin
last changeWed, 12 Jan 2011 00:10:04 +0000 (01:10 +0100)
2011-01-12 Hector MartinHypercall cleanup master
2011-01-12 Hector MartinWe don't need comments printed
2011-01-09 Hector MartinAdjust load address of native stage2 to zero
2011-01-01 Hector MartinUpdate license headers to 2011 and add some missing...
2011-01-01 Hector Martinnetrpc: add the ability to upload and execute arbitrary...
2011-01-01 Hector MartinShut down debugging when using netrpc vector
2011-01-01 Hector MartinSupport native boot as lv2 (non-exploit)
2011-01-01 Hector MartinAdd support for HDD boot (only full-unencrypted-hdd...
2011-01-01 Hector MartinFind devices by bustype too, not just devtype
2011-01-01 Hector Martinnetrpc: add support for loading binaries and icache...
2011-01-01 Hector MartinAdd highmem shutdown support
2011-01-01 Hector MartinFix broken udelay
2010-12-21 Hector MartinAdd NOR dumper (only tested on Slim and recent Fats...
2010-11-01 Hector MartinUpdate README
2010-11-01 Hector MartinAdd support for initrds
2010-11-01 Hector MartinSupport kboot.conf
3 years ago master